Join us Wednesday Feb 16th 8 EST (can join later if you want) to go through old content maps! We plan to do a variety of old party maps that people may not have achievements for yet. In addition to the loot from the maps we will also be giving out a prize to the lucky person who gets us to the furthest floor- multiple winners if we get to the last floor multiple times! Maps not needed to join, but needed to get the extra prize. Loot rules will be need for all, if you get the item do not roll on that specific item again until everyone has it.
Need to know what maps? Remember you can put one (of each type) in your chocobo saddlebag and in your inventory, and pop 1 before we start. We are not planning on doing a restock during the event with the variety available to keep the flow going.
Level 60: Timeworn Dragonskin Map
Level 70: Timeworn Gazelleskin Map
Level 80: Timeworn Zonureskin Map
For the Love of Maps!
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