Community Rules

  • Treat others with respect.
  • Ask for help.
  • Be actively involved.

Community Procedures

  • If anyone (Including officers) has said or done anything that has made you uncomfortable, please let an officer know so we can resolve the issue(s).
  • If there is content you wish to run with fellow FC members, feel free to ask. The same applies to crafting & gathering.
  • Excessive requests for aid (begging) will be handled by an officer.
  • Stay in touch with fellow FC members and friends of the FC either in-game or via Discord. Camaraderie is welcome.
  • In FFXIV, members who are inactive for a period of 45 days will be removed. Members who are dismissed in this manner are welcome to rejoin. Members can request to be moved to the AFK rank if they are going to be gone for longer than a 45 day period, after which if they are gone for 100 days they will be dismissed.
  • If you must leave the FC, do so without creating drama. You’re welcome to rejoin if you find that other FCs aren’t to your liking, but excessive leaving and joining will not be tolerated.

Community Consequences

  • First offense: Warning.
  • Second offense: Demotion in rank based on current rank for a period of time.
  • Third offense: Demotion in rank like the second but the user must re-earn rank by normal means
  • Fourth offense: Demotion to page and re-earn rank by normal means
  • Fifth offense: Dismissal from the Free Company.

Discord Rules

  • Do not post any pornographic, racist or political content.
  • No botting, advertising, recruiting, or spam posting.
  • Use the appropriate channel for posting and voice.
  • Be mindful of people’s privacy.

Discord Procedures

  • Minimize any background noises. If background noise interferes with discussion/gameplay, you will be required to switch to push to talk.
  • If someone has a username you were already using, please contact an officer.
  • Misusing channels is unacceptable.
  • If you have a meme, and you’re not sure whether it will offend someone or not, put it in Non-PC Meme Spam.
  • Users that are streaming must use the streaming channel. If with other FC members, you must ask their permission to be streamed.

Discord Consequences

  • First offense: Warning 
  • Second offense: Moved to a private channel and addressed directly
  • Third offense: Mute the user for an hour
  • Fourth offense: Mute for a day
  • Fifth offense: Ban

Zero Tolerance

  • Lying about being 18+
  • Doxing a user
  • Blatant intolerance (sexism, racism, homophobia)
  • Threatening people
  • Defamation of character / Character slander
  • Stealing 
  • Botting 
  • Spamming website forms with submissions
  • RMT (real money transactions ( i.e. buying Gil))
  • Cheating