Thank you for being so interested in the Viridian Knights. Viridian Knights is an FFXIV Free Company belonging to the Lamia server; Our main goal is to help other players and to have fun in the process. With our formation beginning in December 2017, our small group of friends rapidly shifted into a strong family of players from all over the world. We continue to teach, grow, and help out not just our members but our community on Lamia.

We are eighteen years or older FC. This policy is in place as our members tend to have more mature conversations that lend themselves better to an older, more mature crowd (This does not mean porn, as it is not allowed in our community rules and procedures). We are more of a casual-free company but have members who are versed in savage/extreme trials and crafting and other facets of the game. We strive to improve our skills and assist others in meeting their goals.

You can learn more about our FAQ found by navigating to About Us -> FAQ or by the following link https://viridianknights.com/about-us/faq/. You can learn more about our officers through their bio pages by navigating to About Us -> Staff, found on the navigation bar.

We hope you will join us on our adventures while we explore the ever-expanding world of FFXIV. If you have any further questions, please reach out to an officer on our discord or in-game. You can also contact us through our contact us page on the site.