What’s the benefit of being in a FC in general?

Many things! In fact one of the best benefits is having access to a group of people who you can have fun and talk to, creating lasting friendships. Another benefit is having access to FC buffs that assist in leveling your classes. Our personal favorite is the FC Mansion, it gives you access for you to create your own private bachelor pad or private room.
Got a green thumb? Head over to our gardening plots to grow some plants.
Want a tough yet adorably colored Chocobo to assist you in your adventures in Eorzea? Stop by the Chocobo Stable to help your Chocobo grow!

Does your FC allow members younger than 18 year of age?

We don’t, this is due to some of the adult-oriented conversations that take place in our FC text and voice chat.

Since you are 18+ does that mean porn allowed?

No Porn or heavily sexualized conversations in voice or text.

How do I move up in the Ranks?

Upon joining the Viridian Knights you will start your journey as a ‘Page.’  Once you’ve completed two full weeks of training, you will move up to the rank of ‘Squire.’
You finished three months of training, you will move up to the rank of ‘Knight”.  Finally, after a full six months have passed, you will move up to the rank of ‘Templar’.
Changes in ranks are fully up to the discretion of the Grand Officers.

How do I become an Officer?

Be active! Let us get to know you better, help out other members when needed, and participate in FC activities!

Can I invite someone to join the Viridian Knights of Lamia?

Due to the nature of our FC being an 18+ group of friends we are looking at things on a case-by-case basis, this is just to determine if new members will mesh well with our established group prior to letting them in immediately! But please feel free to speak with an officer if you have a friend(s) interested in joining us! 

How do I join the Viridian Knight Discord??

You can join via a perminate invite link by signing up for our site. Then visit our contact us page for the join now button. The join now link will be sent to you in your welcome email as well. Please read the community rules before joining

Can I invite people outside the FC to the discord?

Yes! Anyone can join the server as long as they acknowledged and follow our rules through our guest link https://guest.viridianknights.com or by clicking the below button. This is a temporary access invite. Once the user disconnects they will be removed from the server. They can rejoin by following the link again. If the user wants to stay as a premiant guest please talk to an office to assign a role. This will prevent the user from being removed upon disconnecting.

What do I do if someone has offended me or made me feel unwanted/uncomfortable?

If anyone (Including officers) has said or done anything that has made you uncomfortable, please let an officer know so we can resolve the issue(s). Please feel free to send screenshots as well. 

I want to run weekly FC content with everyone, but don’t have the content unlocked. Am I just out of luck for coming in late?

Absolutely not! We want everyone to join us in content runs. If you need help or don’t know how to unlock content to run with us, then just ask! We are more than happy to help you unlock it so you can join us in running content!

When are the weekly FC content runs?

You can view all our FC events and buff schedule on our calendar.

FC buffs have fallen off and no officers are online. What can I do to get them back up?

Please feel free to mention it in our Discord, and an Officer should be able to promptly fix the matter. 

How do I get raid buffs up?

Just ask an officer to replace the buffs! In fact, all buffs can be replaced to suit the different needs of our members, just remember to ask!

I’m going to be gone for more than 45 days, but want to stay in the FC. What can I do to keep from being kicked out past the 45 day period?

Just message one of the officers that you’ll be gone longer than the 45 day period, and you’ll be assigned to the AFK rank, at which point you’ll be given 100 days to log back in.

Am I allowed to join the FC again after being removed by 45 day inactivity period?

Yes! We just ask that you don’t make a habit of joining then dropping off the face of the earth regularly.

How do I use the gardens?

Complete access to the gardens is restricted to Templars and above. However, with that being said, please talk with a Templar or above to plant various items in your stead! This is to help prevent crop sabotage and to ensure that your desired crops will all be there.

How do I request crafts / FC crafts?

For regular crafts, our Master Crafter or some other officers can assist you! Depending on what you want to be made, our crafters may need/want some specific items before beginning the crafting process. Be sure to communicate with the person who’s making items for you to ensure a smooth process!

For FC crafts, we ask that you have all the required materials ready to go. This includes pre-crafts and fully crafted items as needed; the reason for this being that we want the FC craft to proceed in a timely manner. We generally have enough people online to meet the 4 person prerequisite needed to make FC crafts, but if there are not enough people online, don’t hesitate to ask on our Discord!

Why is there a Moai statue behind the house?

Lord Voltro demands no questions about its existence. You, Will, obey.

What does my money go to if I donate?

Your money goes to the development of private servers for other games that we play, as well as funding real-world giveaways, such as items from the Mog Station or even other games!

How do I join the Minecraft Server?

Click the “Servers” tab on the website, and there should be a dropdown option for our Minecraft servers! The server address is listed there.