• FFXIV Team-Craft is a useful tool to keep all your crafts and mats in order. As well as a Gathering timer for the mats you need for your crafts. It also has list other people made public and where we post our Fc crafts:
  • Lokyst is useful for creating macros or rotations with your stats and the item you need to make. Not (100% guarantee, but helpful):


  • List of all known fish and how and when to catch them (Does not play nice with AdBlock):
  • Garland Tools lists all known gathering material and how to acquire it. As well as timers and locations of hidden nodes:
  • FFXIV Clocks is similar to Garland Tools, but with a different layout and slightly less robust feature set:



  • Etro is a tool used to put to gether a list of gear for each of your classes including melds. From battle to crafting to gathering. Is usually up to date a day or two after new patches: