I’m Helgrind, the proud owner of the Viridian Knights. I founded this community in November of 2017 with a small group of friends. Our goal when we first started was to grow our circle of friends, to learn and experience new things, and that sentiment still rings true today. I have enjoyed the journey of making and sustaining such a great group of friends to play and enjoy games. My focus within our community is to help ensure everything is running accordingly and using our resources to the best of our ability. Additionally, the task falls upon me to continue to create policies and services to aid our members and help give back.

When I joined FFXIV, I fell in love with the play style of White Mage, and it was my main job for years. Since starting, I have dipped my toes into other healers and found I enjoy Astrologian and Sage. I am currently main sage with my raid group the Drunken Moogles. I play more than just healers, though. I have a PLD at max level (still trying to get the hang of tanking) and I main Dancer for my DPS. I am still working on leveling everything to max level, and I have tanks and melee DPS left to go. I would be more than happy to run leveling content with you whenever I’m on. I have all my crafters and gatherers at the max level and over melded, so I am more than happy to assist you with any crafting or melding you may need.

In my free time, I like to stream and share the enjoyment and silly antics that happen from playing games with my friends. If you want to check out my stream, you can find out more at https://helgrind.live.

I look forward to meeting you on discord (Helgrind#2120) and playing games together.