I am the proud owner of the Viridian Knights. I founded this community in November of 2017 with a small group of friends. Our goal when we first started was to grow our circle of friends, to learn and experience new things, and that sentiment still rings true today. I have really enjoyed the journey of making and sustaining such a great group of friends to play games with. My focus within our community is to help ensure everything is running accordingly and using our resources to the best of our ability. Additionally, the task falls upon me to continue to create policies and services to aid our members and help give back.

When I joined FFXIV, I fell in love with the play style of White Mage, and it has been my main job for the last 4 years of playing the game. I recently finished leveling Paladin, Summoner, Scholar, and Astrologian. I have really enjoyed playing Summoner as my DPS and have found a new love for healing with Astrologian.

I am currently working on leveling up all of my crafting and gathering classes. I currently have my Miner and Botanist to level 70 and working on my Penta melds. I also have my Gold Smith, Culinarian, and Weaver to level 70. I am working on melding my crafters and leveling up the remaining jobs. If you need help with crafting or gathering please let me know and I will do what I can to assist.

I look forward to meeting you on discord (Helgrind#2120) and play games together.