Hey hi! 

I am Rae Ree!
I first began playing in the summer of 2018, genuinely falling in love with the game play and everything it had to offer. I was initially in a different FC, that I didn’t mesh well with and made my playing experience a terrible one, before seeing the recruitment message pop up in my message box. I quickly spoke with Aji and moved FCs. 

Being a casual player, this FC has taught me alot and given me a lot of opportunities for growth. I have become a part of our Event Planning team, and we are always striving to come up with new and exciting things for our Viridian Knights Fam! Of course feel free to reach out with your ideas and thoughts! 

My biggest in game goals right now is to level my crafters and gathers, something I’ve been putting off for far too long! I am also aiming to complete some achievements and just better myself as a player in the game. 

II may not be on a lot, but I am always available in discord for a chat. 


Your Local Canuckastanian