So Knowing People’s Schedules with Raid teams and all that made deciding a Day/Time to Hold this Difficult. But March 20th, Saturday Night at 11 pm EST/8 pm PST I think is when most of us would be available.

So we are having a 21YR old+ Event for St. Patricks Day. We will be drinking and clearing content with a roulette wheel, We will Pick a Trial/Dungeon and a Taboo Word for Each encounter.

Example : Nidhogg EX , Taboo word – Dragon, If anyone says Dragon we all have to Drink. Of course the object is to get people to drink 🙂 .

Alcohol will be of personal preference – so some of us might get drunk faster than others, If you cannot drink for any reason still come and join in on the silliness that none of us will remember or want to remember in the morning.

Sign up by PM’ing me through discord that you’d like to join, and I will see what we still need. If we go over 8 people who want we will form two equal parties and after each duty we will swap people out of parties and continue the silliness.

On a Side note –
I personally also will not be able to lead the Normally scheduled events on Saturday 8pm EST/5pm PST for the next few weeks so if some one could step up and lead those for a little while until the Scheduled group stuff for me ends that would be great.

St. Patricks Day Drunk Runs
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