Hello everyone, Sola here proud to announce we will be holding an auction to coincide with Valentine’s Day , Sunday February 14th , we will be hosting this event after the Holiday on Wednesday the 17th at 8pm EST/5pm PST(An hour before Helgrind’s Raid), If you would like to Volunteer to be Auctioned , Contact me over Discord @Sola#9826.

We will have the Auctioned offer at least 2 hours of their time for whatever their winner desires…(within reason). I will also ask that you do a short walk down a catwalk with something to show off (Transformation Macro, simple emote, Flashy Action). Everyone who Auctions themselves off will also receive a gift as well. We can also Auction you off In-Absentia if you cannot make the actual time of the Auction.

If you just want to bid, We will be only taking offers in In-game Gil, so everyone can participate. Also if you can’t actually make it we’ll have updates on the discord so people can send phone-in bids.

I look forward to seeing you all and having a good event with it being my first time holding a Holiday Event.

Valentines Bachelor/ette Auction
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