• Website overview
  • Community Rules & procedure changes (Removal of Discord procedure #6 until it becomes an issue)
  • Weekly/Bi-weekly events/content runs (i.e. maps, mounts/ex trials, etc)
  • Buff rotations
  • Summary of the need to know for the upcoming patch
  • Feedback from members of our community
  • Q&A

Secret Santa Announcement:

  • Two types of Secret Santa events (Reach out to Rae Ree)
  • Limit of each gift (presents can be creative or brought up to a certain price)


Our website is our community hub for events and information. Our site hosts the following information:

  • News and updated
  • Allows you to reply with feedback on our posts.
  • Community rules, procedures, and consequences.
  • Gallery submissions
  • Event suggestions
  • Guides
  • Garden growing requests
  • Contact us for reaching an officer if one is not online.

We will continue to add to our website and improve on it so stay on the lookout for more updates and features. We have implemented guides and a new role for the guide author. If anyone is interested in share their wisdom and storing it all in one place please reach out to Helgrind for more information.

Weekly/Biweekly Event/Content runs:

  • New Event coordinator Sola
  • Bring back previous events (.e. Maps, content, raids) Rea Ree needs dates and times that work best for everyone to line up the events. Please DM her your availability on discord.

Buff Rotations:

  • Our current buff rotation is Heat of Battle II and rotating Helping Hand II and Earth and Water II except on Friday we have Meat and Mead II available. We will also swap out our current buffs for Back on your feet II and Meat and Mead II upon request for Raids. We ask that you notify us upon completion so we can rotate back to our daily buffs. Our buff rotation is open for change to meet the needs of our members. If you would like a chance to the buff rotation please reach out to Rea Ree or reach out to us on our event suggestion form with more information on what you would want when and why.
  • We are trying to craft and cook more Tier 3 buffs. We are looking for donations to help expedite this process of the following items. Electrum Ore, Duskborne Mythrite Sand, Astral Oil, Deepeye Tears (Take 3 days to make) As always Donations are not required but are appreciated. If you can help please put the donations in slot 2 or higher in the FC chest or give them to an officer.

5.4 Patch Summary:

Full patch notes:

  • MSQ (10 quests)
  • Eden Raids
  • YoRha quest
  • Role quest (a new one for doing all role quests)
  • Side story quests
  • New Game Plus (ShB Part 3, class quests)
  • Bozja cutscenes now viewable in Unending Journey
  • Maps 80: ilevel 505
  • Maps rewards readjusted
  • New Company Workshop items (Sub rank 75-80)
  • New housing items (indoor/outdoor)
  • New orchestrion rolls
  • Triple Triad (rework)
  • Doman Mahjong (improvements)
  • Trust (improvements)
  • Faux Hollows (Shive ->Titan)
  • Khloe rewards changed
  • New items for Faux hollows
  • Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass
  • New challenge log (Gold Saucer 3,000 MGP)
  • New emotes
  • Monk got massive rework (Greased lightning is a trait, now./Cooldowns have changed)
  • Other classes got boosts in aDPS (DRG, RDM, SCH)
  • BLU got adjustments (Might Guard gives a bit more DPS while in tank stance)
  • Go into parties w/ilevel sync
  • New dungeon (i470)
  • New Trial/EX (i485/i500) Token exchanged in Mor Dhona
  • Titan unreal (i430 or above & 80)
  • Ruby mount for 99 totems
  • New raids (i485 or above)/roll token for items like in previous raids
  • Savage raids (i500-1st, i505-2nd, i510-3rd or above) Drops are once per week
  • Puppets Bunker (roll restrictions removed)-Alliance Roulette
  • SoS EX and Eden 5-8 duty roulette
  • Phantasmagoria moved to Poetics
  • New tombstone: Revelation (450 per week)
  • Expert (New dungeon-i470)
  • Anamnesis Anyder moved to 80 (i440)
  • Mentor Roulette (i485)
  • Hunts (tomestone are changed to revelation
  • Bozjan southern front (Revelation instead of Allegory, Allegory instead of Phantasmagoria)
  • PvP: MNK changed, classes got buffs
  • Crafted: gender unlocked (from HW)
  • Some glams have changed
  • Scrip tokens renamed
  • Drops from 24-man raids desynthed or turned in for seals
  • End game gear for ARR, HW, and SB is no longer unique (i.e. ring)
  • Crafter delineation tradeable
  • Other crafter changes
  • Change collectability for gatherers (simplified)
  • Fish Eye (changed)-350 to 550GP (60 seconds)
  • Nodes have height indicator
  • Splendor’s exchange (what you can gather to change for scrips)
  • Fishers now get messages that fish know you are there (after 50 minutes of action in one place)
  • Collectability for 2nd/3rd tier changed
  • Aetherial Reduction changed (3 items at once instead of two almost guaranteed HQ sands)
  • Ephemeral node locations changed from 1 to 3.
  • Ocean fishing changes: personal goals for fishing, bonuses adjusted based on # of participants
  • Materia: use all at once instead of one at a time to fill a slot or fail it
  • New mounts, chocobo barding, minions, parasols, battle effects for mounts adjusted
  • New stuff for tank achievements
  • Explore ShB dungeons after you clear them. Can go take photos, get on mounts, use LB’s feely, etc.)
  • New retainer ventures (Quick exploration adjusted)
  • Duty recordings
  • Alliance HUB changes
  • Changes to Duty Finder
  • Duty Roulette: changes made on it.
  • Mount roulette (no difference in flying now)
  • New subcommands for macros
  • Resolved issues
  • Known issues

Feedback from members of our community:

  • Survey for FC events (open until the end of the year: make events based on suggestions)
  • Secret Santa (in-game or IRL), reach out to Rae Ree on discord.
  • Petition to have Aji change to lalafell (Daxy called motion, Faiza seconded it) Vote: Favor 9 Oppose 0 Motion passes. Female lalafell with Voice #4 required

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback please reach out to an officer on discord or use our websites contact us page.

FC Meeting Notes 12-7-2020
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