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I wanted to make a post about this to warn everyone of the current Phishing attacks going on in FFXIV. There are people PM that they are quitting the game or doing giveaways. They say check out how to sign up or how to get the free items by visiting they post on the FFXIV forums and attach a link. This link is very convincing and leads to an almost identical login page for Square Enix. However, this login page will only steal your login information if you try to log in. Below is a screenshot of one of those messages that came to me from a compromised account.

As you can see the URL looks convincing enough but the square-enix.com ends with a -c.info. You can look into the cert and see that looks convincing as well other than the URL. Please stay vigilant for these attacks always go to the Square Enix website and log in there directly. If following a link asks you to sign in again after being logged in on the site it is most likely fake.

These attacks have a harder time with an account with two-factor authentication.  So I strongly encourage you all to set up the two-factor authentication app for Square Enix. It does take a second longer to log in but will ensure your account safety and will give you a free teleport location.

If you have any questions or concerns let Helgrind know on discord or use our contact us page on the website.

Phishing Attacks In FFXIV
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