Hello Everyone,

I just want to make a  friendly reminder to mind our Discord #3 Rule. “Use the appropriate channel for posting and voice.” With the increase of new members using our Discord server. It has become harder to hold conversations with people running/teaching content. It is essential to run/teach content in a party room if it is for FFXIV (anyone with the FCMember or FFXIV role can join the raid, party rooms, and anyone can join the game rooms) or a game room for other games. 

Note: If anyone joins a raid, party, or games room you can ask them to leave or to be quiet (as you are running content in the correct room). That is acceptable and they should respect your request. If they don’t please reach out to an officer to address the situation.

This will prevent cross talk and allow you to focus on your learning and fun. The lobby is a jumping-off point for our server. If you want to play games or run content in there, it is okay. Just know that anyone can jump in there and start talking. If you do not want this, then please move to the appropriate channel for your use.

You can review all of our community rules, procedures, and consequences by clicking on the following link https://viridianknights.com/rules/.

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to this, please reach out to one of our staff members on Discord or use the contact us page on our website. Thank you for being the best part of our community.

A Friendly Reminder
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