Welcome, Officers & Templars of Viridian Knights, to the 2nd Annual Secret Santa! There will be a $5.00 USD buy in for the event. This will be seen as an FC fundraiser and will not be refunded at the end of the event. We will be using funds for future FC wide events – please let the following FC members know what items you would like to see purchased for future events: Helgrind, Aji, Tiz, & Rae.
This year’s secret Santa event purchasing limit will be no amount exceeding $30 including shipping. If more is spent please have it noted this is a reflection on your choice to spend more. We are not asking you to spend more than what is stated above. Handmade gifts are accepted for gift giving, providing this is something you have put thought and effort into.
Please read and follow the below rules to participate in this years event.

  • $5.00 donation must be made to the FC through the donation page.
  • Gift spending amount is $30 including shipping.
  • Gifts MUST be purchased and sent out no later then December 22nd 2019

Opening of the gifts will take place on Wednesday January 1, 2020 before map night. If you fail to provide a gift to your secret Santa recipient. The following will occur:

  • You will no longer be able to participate in our FC Secret Santa events moving forward.
  • You lose out on opportunities to obtain prizes from future giveaways and events.

Once you have read the above information, please confirm that you agree to the above rules in the secret_santa Discord channel; if you are interested and understand the obligations of participation for the Secret Santa. If you do, please make your donation to the FC and reach out to Tiz with proof of donation email & your personal shipping information. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact Tiz or Rae Ree.

Secret Santa Fundraiser
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