Hello there. My name is Trimack Ryder, you can call me Trim if you’d like. I’m a Grand Officer and founding member here for the Viridian Knights and I am a proud father of three in-game Namazu named Ori, Golden, and Lucky.

I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIV since about patch 2.4 or 2.5 so about five years give or take and have been a tank main since I started with Paladin way back when. When Heavensward came around I picked up Dark Knight and I embraced every bit of edgy goodness it provided. With the release of Shadowbringers currently, I’m rocking Gunbreaker and I flip back and forth. I’m comfortable with most of the classes in the game (Tanks and Melee DPS) while most of the ranged classes are a bit of a sore spot. I usually have everything leveled and can fill any spot in a party if need be.

I’m here to help with any sort of questions you may have about the game, if you have a question I can’t answer I’ll be sure to find someone who can. That being said I am pretty knowledgeable about the game and how it works. What you can expect from me is that when I’m not working I’m usually active on the discord and engaging with people often through memes and discussions and whatnot. I also maintain the FC’s custom “Cards Against Humanity” card pack. Stick around long enough and you’ll have your own cards about you.

If you do see me online, /wave at me. I’ll play dead for you :D. if you want to reach me, my discord is the best place to reach me (Trimack#2129) send memes please.