Hello, adventurer! I’m Ajisai Sorano, or Aji for short! I’m a Grand Officer for the Viridian Knights, and have been since our formation.

I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIV Online for the better part of about 5 years. I primarily play Red Mage, but am comfortable with most Jobs as a whole. I’m also an omnicrafter/gatherer, and can help out with whatever you need. A lot of my expertise is toward endgame content, as well as optimizing the leveling process and getting members caught up in the game.

I do a little bit of everything for the FC, from recruitment to making sure that everybody’s taken care of. Most of what I do is behind the scenes while working with other officers, but you’ll often see me online doing all sorts of things!

I’m readily available on Discord (megamidget#5120) if you need to reach me for any and all questions!